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Episode 10: The One with JKAP and Crucial Memory

This week on Gamer’s Edge we are welcomed by the, hands-down, best Call of Duty eSports player out there: Jordan “JKAP” Kaplan. Plus, how important is RAM and SSD in your devices? @CrucialMemory joins us to talk all about it.

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Episode 9: The One About Mobile eSports

Jeff Donnelley’s mission is to disrupt mobile gaming and eSports, and he is doing so as Founder and CEO of What is Megafans, you ask? We find out in this week’s episode of Gamer’s Edge. Plus, how is the cancellation of E3 and other major trade shows going to affect the industry?

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Episode 5: The One About the Leafs Gaming League

This week on Gamer’s Edge, Mitchell and Marc talk with Shane Talbot about his role as eSports Manager at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment; the boys also debate the controversial topic of in-game micro transactions, talk about what may be in store for the PS5, and bring you the latest gaming news…all coming up on…

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Episode 4: The One About League of Legends Fantasy League

This week on the show, we welcome Matthew Gunnin (@MatthewGunnin)- founder and CEO of eSports One (@esportsoneinc). He tells us all about the League of Legends fantasy league and how to get involved. Benjamin Denis spots by to talk about the Montreal eSports Academy, and we talk about some of the news making headlines. Enjoy!

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Episode 2: The one with Dell & Alienware Gaming

Dell and Alienware’s VP of Gaming Vivian Lien joins Marc and Mitchell to talk all about CES and the UFO handheld; if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to do play-by-play for eSports, Leaf’s Gaming League announcer Nicco Cardarelli talks about his role in helping NHL 20 become a fast-growing, competitive online sport…plus the new…

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Episode 1 is Up!

What!? You missed our innaugural episode on @SiriusXM? No worries, we’ve got it for you right here. Take a listen to episode 1 where we break down all the gaming news of the week and feature an interview with Larry Hryb @MajorNelson himself!

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